CCF primarily serves Christian workers throughout Asia as well as the people of Thailand. We provide confidential and professional counseling, consultation, and training from a Christian perspective for individuals, marriages, families, teams, and organizations.


God-dependence: We rely ultimately on God for His direction and for His presence to work through us as the One who gives hope and healing. We also depend on God for our personnel and operational needs. Our professional staff secures their own financial backing so that we can provide services solely on a donation basis.

Confidentiality: We value our clients' right to privacy as a means of creating an atmosphere of trust that promotes hope and healing. This includes scheduling of appointments, content of counseling sessions, and any records that we keep. Exceptions are made in cases of threat of harm to self or others, or as agreed upon by clients.

Integrity: We strive toward high moral and ethical standards in our personal and professional lives. We desire our outward behavior to be congruent with those standards. We seek personal and professional relationships that are authentic, reliable, honest and safe.

Accountability: We seek to be mutually responsible to our mission and vision, our colleagues, those we serve, and those who support our ministry. Rather than working independently, we make ourselves answerable in the areas of professional practice, personal relationships, and finance.

Accessibility: We are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand to maximize our accessibility to Christian workers throughout Asia. Our office is easy to reach from Chiang Mai International Airport. Our facility is handicapped accessible. Our donation policy makes our services financially accessible for those with limited budgets.

Multiculturalism: As a resource for international workers and multicultural teams, we seek to serve with cultural awareness and sensitivity and a strong knowledge base about the challenges of living and ministering cross-culturally.

Professionally trained providers: We want to provide the highest level of care for Christian workers. Our counseling staff is composed of licensed professional counselors (or the equivalent standard in their home country). Clinical supervision, team consultation, and continuing education help us to provide quality professional services, stay current with best practices, and promote professional growth and development among our staff. We also desire to train Thai Christians who have an aptitude for counseling so they can minister within the Thai church.

Faith-practice integration: We seek to provide services from a Christian worldview in which psychological concepts are rooted in and integrated with Biblical theology to meet the needs of the whole person.