About Anurak

Anurak Naror “Noot” is from the Karen people group and is the mother of two sons. Born in Chiang Rai province and growing up in a Christian family, Noot has learned and received the grace of God and His blessings in her life. She desires to share with others what she has learned throughout her life journey and be a blessing for others.

In 2005, “Noot” joined in with “Mercy For Thailand Foundation” as a volunteer in the project called “Love Forever.” In the project, “Noot” has had an opportunity to work with the children who were in the hospital due of terrible situations in the past years, by teaching and sharing the stories and doing activities with the children that will help them to relax and learn how to self-sooth. In 2009, “Noot” decided to work full-time at Cornerstone Counseling Foundation as an office assistant. She still continues serving as a volunteer with “Mercy for Thailand Foundation” as opportunities allow. “Noot” loves nature and enjoys learning new things and doing creative and artistic activities.